The 1999 "Snubbie" Awards

You may be asking yourself, "Self, just what are the Snubbie Awards?" Well, they are an award chosen by me (Andrew) to honor the movie, or performer that should have won the Oscar. Also there are several honorary Snubbies for movies that weren't even nominated. The great thing about Snubbies, is I give an explanation for why each film won (something I wish the Academy would do sometimes).

This Year's Snubbie "Winners"

Best Makeup:

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me – C'mon, they turned Mike Myers into Fat Bastard and Dr. Evil. The makeup artists of Topsy-Turvy just used too much blush as far as I'm concerned. It was overdone, it was awful, and the movie was pretty crappy anyway.

Costume Design:

Anna and the King – Usually the Academy loves period pieces, which is what makes this oversight so terrible. Again, I just thought the costumes in Topsy-Turvy were overdone, and detracted from the movie. Anna and the King had great costumes, which added to the story and made me believe the time period.

Sound/Sound Editing:

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace – It didn't live up to all the hype, but the effects kicked a**. I realize a lot of people enjoyed The Matrix but was the sound really that great. Star Wars had incredible sound as well as sound effects, and nothing deserved this one more. These were a sort of consolation prize given by the Academy because Matrix wasn't nominated in any major categories.

Documentary Feature:

The Buena Vista Social Club – How could they pick One Day In September? I realize most people go to the fridge during this category, but this year, it was worth tuning in. I mean, how can you resist the old people dancing. Buena Vista was uplifting and entertaining, as well as educational; everything a Documentary Feature should be.

Honorary Snubbies

Since technically I can only give Snubbies to movies that were nominated, it seems necessary to also honor the ones who were cheated out of even a nomination.

  • Best Picture: The Hurricane was a phenomenal movie, not as good as American Beauty but deserving of more than the single nomination it received.
  • Best Actor: Bruce Willis for The Sixth Sense he carried that movie almost as much as Haley Joel Osment. Also, I'm the only one who thought so, but Kevin Costner was wonderful in For Love Of The Game. And one more thing, Jim Carrey snubbed two years in a row (this year for Man In The Moon last year for The Truman Show)
  • Best Actress: Not technically snubbed, but don't you think Anjelina Jolie was more of a leading than supporting performance in the stellar (but only once nominated) Girl, Interrupted?