76th Academy Awards — Survey Results

What Movie Will Win Best Picture?
Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King (201)
Lost In Translation (7)
Master & Commander: The Far Side Of The World (2)
Mystic River (14)
Seabiscuit (4)

Total of votes: 228

Who Will Win Best Director?
Fernando Meirelles - City Of God (4)
Peter Jackson - Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King (184)
Sophia Coppola - Lost In Translation (20)
Peter Weir - Master & Commander: The Far Side Of The World (3)
Clint Eastwood - Mystic River (17)

Total of votes: 228

Who Will Win Best Actor?
Johnny Depp - Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (46)
Ben Kingsley - House of Sand and Fog (6)
Jude Law - Cold Mountain (4)
Bill Murray - Lost In Translation (62)
Sean Penn - Mystic River (111)

Total of votes: 229

Who Will Win Best Actress?
Keisha Castle-Hughes - Whale Rider (20)
Diane Keaton - Somethings Gotta Give (22)
Samantha Morton - In America (2)
Charlize Theron - Monster (168)
Naomi Watts - 21 Grams (13)

Total of votes: 225

Who Will Win Best Supporting Actor?
Alec Baldwin - The Cooler (17)
Benecio Del Toro - 21 Grams (13)
Djimon Hounsou - In America (11)
Tim Robbins - Mystic River (166)
Ken Watanabe - The Last Samurai (17)

Total of votes: 224

Who Will Win Best Supporting Actress?
Shohreh Aghdashloo - House of Sand and Fog (14)
Patricia Clarkson - Pieces of April (8)
Marcia Gay Harden - Mystic River (11)
Holly Hunter - Thirteen (11)
Renée Zellweger - Cold Mountain (181)

Total of votes: 225

Your Comments

This year's survey also asked for your comments on this year's nominations.

Note: All spelling and grammar is the way it was entered.

  • "I agree"
  • "Just dandy"
  • "They´ve finally recognized an actor in a brilliant comic performance! It is not harder to cry on camera than to make people laugh. Go Johnny!!!"
  • "Ok, though I don´t think that Mystic River was good enugh to be nominated as much as it was."
  • "LOTR, is with out a doubt, the movie of the year. But I think The Academy did take a weak selection this year, so LOTR will win everything."
  • "I think "Pirates" and "Master & Commander" were snubbed. They deserve a little more recognition!"
  • "Boring. Lord of Rings is going to dominate the awards mainly because it has made Hollywood so much money, not because it´s the best. Surprise, surprise."
  • "Johnny Depp got so much votes on other websites and he is going to win becuse it´s a great preformance"
  • "Good enough"
  • "I am extremely upset that Sean Astin wasn´t nominated for "Best Supporting Actor", instead, Alec Baldwin from "The Cooler", a movie was NEVER talked about, was nominated. Sean Astin´s performance in "Return of the King" was simply amazing, and I´m not the only one to say so."
  • "Odd mix of films"
  • "yawn"
  • "they suck"
  • "Some are right on, some are missing"
  • "What happened to Scarlett Johansson?!"
  • "I was a big fan of "American Splendor" and had hoped to see it get more nominations, especially for Paul Giamatti and Hope Davis."
  • "I think, as every year, that there could have been other pictures in consideration, as well as actors. I´m surprised, however, about de actresses, I think the nominations in that category are ok!"
  • "Mostly agreeable. Couple of pleasant surprises. Scarlett Johanssen and Rachel Evan Woods are dissapointingly missing, however."
  • "its totally unjust to leave Cold mountain away from the Best pic category. Besides, Tom and Nicole should have been nominated for their wonderful performances too."
  • "They´re great! ROTK for Cinematography would´ve been nice though..."
  • "I was very happy to see the nominations this year because many deserving people are on the list. I love how the Academy did not fall prey to the propaganda surrounding Nicole Kidman´s performance in "Cold Mountain". While she always delivers talent, this was not an Oscar winning performance for her."
  • "These nominations were surprising and well-earned. I have seen almost all of these movies and the noms are right on. This was a great, if grim, year for film. I am truly excited to see the show this year."
  • "Where is Sean Astin?"
  • "Interesting choices with a lot of independant entries. Nice change of pace. "
  • "Typical"
  • "Pretty good, surprising but probably correct missing out of big stars "
  • "´Cold Mountain´ was unfairly snubbed from the Best Picture, Director and Adapted Screenplay categories. Also, Albert Finney not only should have gotten nominated for ´Big Fish´, but he definitely deserved to win. "
  • "I want Bill Murray to win!!!"
  • "I was happy to see so many unusual, left-field choices. Hurray for "City of God". I only have one gripe: SCARLETT JOHANSSON WAS ROBBED!!!"
  • "Some of them are terrible...I mean Kiesha Castle-Hughes? That was not an oscar worthy performance!!!"
  • "All nominees deserve to be there, especially Keisha Castle Hughes."
  • "..."
  • "Great Picks!"
  • "Good nominations but "Seabiscuit" for best picture?????"
  • "While I love Renee and Charlize to death (MarciaGay too, my Texas homies) I think it´s kind of a slightly boring year. Last year was the whole Chicago broo-haa-haa & Nicole (I was on the bandwagon though) year before had Halle, Denzel, and Sidney, and the year before had my beloved Julia! This year feels slightly blah. No offense."
  • "Overall, pleased, especially with the nomination of the beautiful and haunting "Into The West""
  • "surprising, but satisfying"
  • "I´m so glad Johnny Depp was nominated. He really deserves this one. Ye savvy?"
  • "i could pretty much care less about who wins but i took the survey so that must be a lie. i dunno."
  • "okay. WHY DOES HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG...aka...DUDE WHERE´S MY HOUSE have any nominations. that movie sucks. otherwise they´re pretty okay."
  • "I´m disappointed that Love Actually got no nominations and that Big Fish only got one."
  • "Awesome! Fight the predictions! "
  • and my favorite indecisive comment of the year
  • "i dunno?"